For more than 5000 years, humankind has used the sun to mark the passage of time, and the sundial has adopted many varied and clever designs. In tribute to five millennia of suntanned, time-obsessed civilizations, we are pleased to present a modern take on a classic design.

With accurately laser cut parts and clear, full color instructions this kit easy to build. No special tools or building skills are required, only sandpaper, glue and a razor saw.

The result is a beautiful conversation piece for the patio, cottage, or desk that can be easily set to tell time accurately for almost any location on earth.


Length: 225mm (9")
Width: 225mm (9")
Height: 300mm (12")
1 ° Altitude Resolution

Background Information

An equatorial sundial is beautiful in its simplicity. It has only two main parts, a dial plate and a style.

The style is a rod that passes through the center of the dial plate, extending above and below it. The style is perpendicular to the dial plate, and casts a shadow onto it. The dial plate has an upper and lower dial face, both of which are marked off in hours.

Each hour is exactly 15 degrees wide. The location of the style’s shadow indicates the time. In summer months, the shadow falls on the upper face, and during the winter it falls on the lower face.

sundial detail sundial detail sundial detail sundial detail
sundial detail sundial detail sundial detail sundial detail